Episode 2: Keeping the Museum afloat in Lockdown!

Episode 2 June 04, 2020 00:24:50
Episode 2: Keeping the Museum afloat in Lockdown!
In conversation with...
Episode 2: Keeping the Museum afloat in Lockdown!

Jun 04 2020 | 00:24:50


Show Notes

In conversation with… Prof. Eleanor Schofield, Head of Conservation & Deputy CEO of the Mary Rose.

Originally available as a video, we find out how and why the museum has to remain fully operational, without visitors of course, during its closure due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

The ship and a great many of the objects are fragile, and the environmental controls within the museum itself and the showcases have to be maintained at all times to protect the ship and the many artefacts. Discover why and how.

Running Time: 25 mins


S1: E2

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