Episode 3: Did Black Lives Matter in Tudor England?

Episode 3 August 01, 2020 00:31:58
Episode 3: Did Black Lives Matter in Tudor England?
In conversation with...
Episode 3: Did Black Lives Matter in Tudor England?

Aug 01 2020 | 00:31:58


Show Notes

In conversation with… Onyeka Nubia, a TV historian and professor of history.

With the world talking about the 'Black Lives Matter' campaign, we thought it would be interesting to find out about the lives of black members of Tudor society. In this fascinating episode, Onyeka provides insights into diversity in Tudor England and it may well surprise you!

Onyeka has studied this in detail, and written books on the subject. Few people are better placed than he to give us an insight into the lives of Black Tudors.

He also took part in a Chanel 4 documentary about the diversity of the crew of the Mary Rose which led directly to 'The Many faces of Tudor England' exhibition at the Mary Rose Museum.

Running Time: 32 Mins


S1: E3

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